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Teak Recon Tech Sheet
Teak Qtd Fig Tech Sheet
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Teak FC Fig Tech Sheet
Teak FC Plain Tech Sheet


Teak is among the oldest commercial lumbers and remains a popular wood today, particularly in Asia, the US, and Scandinavia. It ranges in color from straw colored (which some consider the most desirable) to dark, dusty brown with fine, dark, contrasting stripes. Flat cut, the mineral streaks provide a contrasty grain structure in the cathedral pattern, much like American walnut. Pure golden teak without mineral streaking is available, but rare. Reconstituted teak is a manmade product that provides the beauty of teak with outstanding consistency in color and grain from sheet to sheet. Also available in recon.

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Teak FC Plain
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Teak FC Fig
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Teak Qtd Plain
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Teak Qtd Fig
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Teak Recon

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Botanical Name: 

Tectonis grandis

Other Names: 

  • Burma Teak
  • Genuine Teak
  • Rangoon Teak

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