Specify Veneer

  • Specify Veneer
  • Specify Veneer
  • Specify Veneer

Specify Veneer

Start with the basics

Know your project requirements 

Start with the basics of your project

Fine wood interiors begin with the selection of veneers that best fit the project being designed.
Before material selection begins, consideration should be given to the following:

  • Application - define intended end use of the veneer
  • Sustainability/LEED Goals - identify sustainability requirements
  • Size - estimate lengths & widths required
  • Quantity - estimate finished square footage and raw material required
  • Project Time Frames - identify key project timelines
  • Design characteristics - identify general characteristics & color pallette desired
  • Cost - estimate general range of cost

Dooge IconContact Dooge Sales & Support team for assistance. The Dooge team will help you define the best veneer for your intended use. With a wide selection of inventory and an expert team dedicated to world-wide sourcing, we are the best solution to ensure your design objectives become a reality.

Specify Veneer Explore

Select your species

Explore our veneer library

Explore our veneer library for species with the look you want. You can search by specie, as well as by color, figure, cut, treatment and more. It helps to have these considerations in mind:

  • Color - identify desired color tones
  • Cut - determine cut characteristics
  • Figure - identify desired figure types
  • Finish - consider the finish to be used - clear, stain and sheen level
  • Sequencing/Match - consider veneer matching to be used
  • Select species and contact Dooge Sales Team

Dooge IConReview selections and any questions with the Dooge Sales & Support Team. Our experts know veneer better than any other source.

Request Samples

Request Samples

Request Samples

We offer A+D clients excellent and robust sampling—both digital photos and physical samples—to guide you to the right log. We offer everything from raw, untrimmed samples to laid-up, finished veneer panels that show the impact of stains, matches, or finishes on a given log. We’ll work alongside you to help narrow your choice to the exact log, match, and finish that’s right for your project.

  • Log Photos - high definition photos of actual logs matching your selection
  • Panels - clear 12 x 12 finished panels using the selected log number(s)
  • Panels - custom stained 12 x 12 panels 
  • Flitch Samples - actual samples taken from the log you are considering
  • Flitch inspection - On site visit to review the log and alternatives you are considering

Upon review of photos and panels with a Dooge team member, actual log flitches can be inspected if further review is needed.

Dooge Icon Contact the Dooge Sales & Support Team to request samples and panels or schedule an on-site visit. Dooge's digital photography gives an excellent representation of the veneer you are considering and actual flitches and panels are useful to view qualities and characteristics of the wood.

Secure your logs

Secure your log(s)

Specify with Dooge Veneers

Once you’ve identified the log or logs that are right for your project, it’s important to secure your choice, whether your project is almost underway or months away.

  • Complete Dooge Specification
    • Provide Project Information
    • Select Dooge Veneer Flitches
  • Forward copy of final specification to Dooge Veneers - for planning and spec management assistance
  • Execute Pre Purchase Agreement - for Quality Assurance

Dooge IconDooge's team will assist in the construction process to ensure the logs specified are used in the manufacture of the finished product. Note: it is important to designate Dooge as the veneer supplier on your specifications to ensure we can manage quality assurance using the veneer you have choosen.