About Us

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Who we are

Dooge Veneers serves a diverse group of industries and every project brings a unique combination of players – each with different needs. While we are best known among architects and designers for our high-end "architectural" veneers, we also inventory and source significant volumes of material for door manufacturers, the contract furniture industry, the woodworking industry, and more.

Project Support


For over 50 years, we have served our customers by supplying veneer for the finest projects worldwide – and we continue to develop and invest to support you. While veneer is often a small part of the project, done right it can make a significant impact for the cost. Done wrong, it can ruin reputations. Our team of worldwide experts is the best in the industry for supporting you in specifying, delivering and ensuring your design ideas become a reality. All of our members have a hands-on approach to supporting you, and have your success as our goal at all times.

Worldwide Sourcing

Worldwide Sourcing


We are an independent supplier and are not beholden to any sales quota or production schedule. With this we have your best interests in mind for every veneer we find. Our world-wide sourcing network and volume of purchasing each year means we can provide the highest quality at competitive prices. Our longstanding relationships with veneer producers give us first in line access to special logs and materials that brokers and smaller organizations often never see. Our independence allows us to combine and match species from multiple producers for larger applications, or find the one of kind look to complete smaller projects.

Delivery Ready

Delivery Ready


We maintain a robust inventory to serve you when you need it. The availability of wood veneer as a natural resource can sometimes be limited by natural and other barriers. Often in our sourcing processes, we find a special log that simply cannot be found anywhere else and we purchase it knowing that someday you might need it. Our service to multiple industries enables us to monitor design trends – which frequently lead us to pre-purchase and stock material knowing a particular species will be needed down the road.

If you’re searching for that unique look to exceed your client’s design expectations, or in need of quality material at competitive prices just in time for the project at hand, call us…  For over 50 years we’ve been providing outstanding veneer and legendary support.


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