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Mozambique Qtd Fig Tech Sheet
Mozambique Qtd Plain Tech Sheet

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This contrasty African relative of rosewood has a deep brown background with notable dark brown to ebony streaking and a nice natural luster. Outside Africa it’s increasingly used as a more affordable substitute for walnut. Produced in both quarter and flat cut veneers, this intense and well veined veneer is in demand for high-end architectural settings--the stronger the veining, the more valuable the wood. Due to its excellent tonal qualities, the wood is prized for the production of musical instruments. 


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Mozambique Qtd Plain
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Mozambique Qtd Fig

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Botanical Name: 

Guibourtia Ehie

Other Names: 

  • Daniella
  • Amazaque
  • Ovenkol
  • Ovangkol
  • Amazakoue
  • Tropical Olive
  • Mutenye
  • Amazique
  • Amazoue
  • Shedua

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