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Elm European FC Cluster Tech Sheet


European Elm with cluster figuring features a lively and dynamic grain pattern, as well as a coarse texture. The wood’s color ranges from yellow to tan with a subtle pink undertone. It’s worth noting that the color tones can vary significantly from one log to another. The unique grain and warm color palette creates a timeless and cheerful aesthetic. This particular type of Elm is primarily found in Eastern Europe, France, and northeastern and southeastern Finland, and is most commonly known for its exceptional durability and resilience.


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Elm European FC Cluster

Botanical Name: 

Ulmus laevis

Other Names: 

  • European White Elm
  • Fluttering Elm
  • Spreading Elm
  • Stately Elm
  • Russian Elm

Country of Origin: 

Species Cuts: 


Color Tones: 

Log Size: