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This African species is easily recognized by its exotic, tiger-like look—deep reddish-orange with dark stripes that vary from fine lines to heavy, pronounced swatches. Like mahoganies, tigerwood has a lustrous surface, good yields, and is highly adaptable for furniture, cabinetwork, and matched architectural paneling.

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Tigerwood Qtd

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CityCenter Las Vegas Walnut CityCenter Las Vegas Walnut CityCenter Las Vegas Various CityCenter Las Vegas Mozambique

Botanical Name: 

Goncalo alves

Other Names: 

  • Bibolo
  • African Walnut
  • Dibetou
  • Brazilian Koa
  • Congowood Coubaril
  • Bototo
  • Zorrowood
  • Muiracatiera (per Wagnermeters.com)

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