Among the largest and tallest trees on earth, the redwood produces a rich, warm, inviting veneer that’s as impressive as the tree. Uniformly deep reddish-brown, the grain in quarter cut veneer is beautifully striped or figured by fine markings. Burled veneer (also known as vavona burl) is sliced from huge, prolific burl growths found on occasional redwoods, producing some of the largest and most uniform burled veneer in the world. 


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Redwood Qtd Fig
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Redwood Qtd Plain
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Redwood Burl

Botanical Name: 

Sequoia Sempervirens

Other Names: 

  • Sequoia
  • Big Tree
  • Coastal redwood
  • Vavona burl

Country of Origin: 

Geographic Region/Source: 

Species Cuts: 

Color Tones: