At first glance, paldao resembles American black walnut. This enormous tree is most often found along streams and marshy soils in Indonesia and the Philippines. Paldao grows with a remarkable buttress encircling the lower trunk creating 40’ diameter growths which remote tribes believed held sprits. This is a beautiful veneer: a grey-brown background streaked with highly decorative dark stripes. Flat cut wood produces a cathedral pattern; quarter cut wood has a stripy contrast and is often finely figured.


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Paldao Qtd Plain
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Paldao Qtd Fig
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Paldao FC Plain

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Botanical Name: 

Dracontomelum Dao

Other Names: 

  • Dao
  • Lamio
  • Pal Dao
  • Sengkulang
  • Ulandug
  • Guinea Wood
  • Oriental Wood
  • New Guinea walnut

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