One of the largest trees in equatorial Africa, this tropical hardwood’s immense size ensures large leaves and volumes of veneer well suited for architectural use. Regarded for its shimmering luster that refracts light, this species ranges from pinkish brown to rich red in color with a fine, even texture, and a typically straight grain that may be decorated with a wide range of widely variable figures, including a highly prized pommele. As with most veneers, almost every log is unique.


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Moabi Qtd Plain
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Moabi Qtd Fig
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Moabi Pommele

Botanical Name: 

Baillonella Toxisperma

Other Names: 

  • Makore
  • African Cherry
  • African Pearwood
  • Moabi pommele

Country of Origin: 

Geographic Region/Source: 


Color Tones: 

Log Size: