Sustainable Design: Considerations when using Veneer

Assisting you in achieving LEED certification with wood veneers is a service we provide every day. Our Sales team has the most experience in the industry and we take an active role in assisting you with sustainable design processes from beginning to end. When using wood veneer we recommend the following approach in LEED certified projects:

Start Early

Depending on the species and square footage needed, FSC-Certified veneer can be harder to acquire than standard veneers. We recommend contacting our sales team as soon as possible to determine required lead times for species desired.

Be Flexible

Although there has been significant growth in forest certification, the number of species and volume available in FSC-Certifed wood can be more limited than non-certified material. We recommend contacting our sales team early in the planning process to understand availability and possible alternatives if needed.

Verify Suppliers/Vendors

All suppliers and vendors must be FSC Chain of Custody Certified (CoC) to earn LEED MR7 points. Be sure that all vendors chosen provide CoC tracking numbers on all invoices, receipts, and P.O.s for FSC products.

Include Log Numbers on Specs

Include the Dooge Veneer log and tracking numbers on the spec. Doing so will ensure the spec is protected throughout the procurement and fabrication process – ensuring your design work becomes a reality.

Spec Doors and Millwork First

Since doors and millwork are often the highest cost wood in a commercial project, and at least 50% of FSC wood is required (by cost), it is wise to source these higher cost products first to reach the 50% benchmark faster.

Allow a Reasonable Margin of Error

Specify 60-70% FSC woods by cost to allow for possible shortfalls in availability.

Consider Local Materials

Regional or local sourcing can add up to two additional LEED points. Ask our sales team about veneers procured or produced within 500 miles of the job site.

Dooge Veneers is committed to helping you achieve LEED certification for your project.

Our team works closely with the U.S. Green Building Council and the Forestry Stewardship Council to stay abreast of changes and assist you in application of the respective standards. Call on us early in the project and will make sure your project proceeds to success.

For further information regarding certified, controlled and Rapidly Renewable wood we recommend reviewing the Forest Stewardship Council website at and the U.S. Green Building Council

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