Maintaining the exact sequence of veneer leaves is critical to producing high-quality panels for architectural use. A sequence is a set of veneer leaves that have been stacked in the order in which they were cut from the log. The number of leaves in a sequence varies by species, cut, grain, and yield of the log. Leaves that are out of sequence can produce an irregular pattern and color variance that becomes very apparent on the finished product.

It is not uncommon to find errors in sequencing that can result in unwanted production and presentation issues further down the line. Our preparation and quality control processes are designed to prevent this and every log that requires it is examined on our grading tables prior to packaging to ensure proper sequencing.

Our commitment to verifying sequences in our flitches protects everyone involved in fabrication, so they can count on a reliably exact sequence and a consistent color and pattern on the finished product.

Our inspection of the log allows millworkers and panel makers to use material right out of the crate, knowing the veneer is exactly as it should be.

Not all veneer suppliers pay attention to this key production detail – It’s one of the small things we do every day to make our customers’ work faster, easier, and hassle-free.

Veneer Bundles

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